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The PayOps team has extensive experience in banking and domestic/foreign payments, including ACH, Fedwire, mobile, SEPA, and SWIFT. We also have close industry alliances on remittances and emerging payment models.

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Consulting: International Products

PayOps provides expert research and consulting services for banks and credit unions in bank payments, with a special emphasis on international and emerging payment channels:
  • Foreign Currency Banknotes
  • International ACH (Automated Clearing House)
  • International Remittances
  • Letters of Credit/Documentary Collections
  • Mobile Payments
  • MTS (ACI Money Transfer System)
  • Payment Hubs
  • SEPA
  • Wire Transfer
Our clients and their customers may have occasional need to access more complex international products (e.g., Foreign Exchange Contracts, Options, Forwards). Wherever possible, we will act as a referral agent on behalf of our clients to gain access to all forms of international services through our global correspondent bank network.

Consulting: Payment Compliance

PayOps has in-depth experience and knowledge in bank payment compliance as related to ACH, mobile payments, wire transfers, SWIFT, SEPA, and emerging payment channels. We can also help financial institutions with solutions to fulfill their related OFAC and payment regulatory obligations.
  • AML (Anti-Money Laundering)
  • BSA (Bank Secrecy Act)
  • OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control)
  • Regulation E
  • UCC4A (Uniform Commercial Code, Funds Transfer)
  • U.S. Patriot Act
  • Travel Rule

Consulting: Payment Operations

PayOps provides highly skilled consulting services for banks and credit unions in electronic payment operations:
  • ACH (Automated Clearing House)
  • Cash Management Operations
  • Funds Availability
  • Merger/Acquisition Integration
  • Mobile Banking
  • MTS (ACI Money Transfer System)
  • Payment Hubs
  • Process Reengineering
  • Wire Transfer

Consulting: Process Analysis and Automation

The PayOps Team can perform end-to-end analysis of the processes associated with your operations and product offerings. We can recommend simplified steps with and without additional system automation. Our workflow reviews produce detailed visual maps and written documentation that can be presented in summary and detailed formats, depending on the desired audience.

Our expertise in workgroup streamlining also allows us to custom-design very reasonably-priced technology solutions that can gain significant efficiency without the usual high cost of standard software packages. We have experts in software and database design on-hand to develop a solution that uniquely fits your organization.

If an enterprise-level technology solution is desired, we can recommend the most cost-effective, world-class vendors and act as project manager or system integrator accordingly.

Services: Disaster and Contingency Planning

You or the regulators may have recognized that your operations need to be available during a disaster. Maybe your systems, products, and services now require 24/7 availability regardless of weather, computer hiccups, or natural disaster. Let PayOps partner with you to review your specific environment and recommend the appropriate contingencies. We design contingency plans that consider geography, backup data centers, processing alternatives, etc. - all with detailed, written plans that should help obtain your auditor's clean bill-of-health.

Services: Project and Program Management

Payops is highly experienced in project and program management in the banking industry. We can tackle your smallest workgroup projects or your colossal, enterprise-wide initiatives. We integrate our hard, task-based project management skills with a soft, people-based team leadership style. We specialize in managing your multiple projects under a single program, with tracking of tasks and progress available for online viewing by authorized stakeholders. By partnering with the PayOps team, your opportunity increases in bringing in your project on time and under budget.

Solution: FastTracâ„¢ Payment Research

PayOps offers a proprietary payment investigation case tracking solution called FastTrac™. Our clients use FastTrac to track inquiries and research from their customers (or internally) about payment or other financial transactions. FastTrac can be linked to the original payment information if connected to the financial institution's system or used as a standalone case management tool. A record of the inquiry or claim and any of its related messages will be maintained along with final resolution and customer notification.

Typically, an investigation solution is an expensive proposition for financial institutions, so much so that most banks and credit unions handle such cases using manual tracking methods (e.g., paper files). FastTrac provides an online, web-based alternative with excellent benefits and low comparative cost. PayOps can host the case management tool on its servers for a monthly fee or it can be licensed as a standalone software solution for internal hosting.

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